Complete Steps of the Tool:

  1. Install software » Click on "Scan" button to start


  2. Now, software will show removable media which is attached to your system. Select it to see the partition details at right side corner. Click on "Recover Partition" option or double click on media icon to continue.

    select pd

    Note: Tool only supports FAT32 and formatted NTFS file sytems

  3. After that, tool will poped-up a window with three "Recovery Options". Select any one mode and click "Recover" button.

    choose options

  1. Normal Recovery Mode: By applying this mode, tool will scan and completely recover your corrupted, damaged or inaccessible Pen drive files data.
  2. Deleted Files and Folders Mode : In this mode, software will deeply scans the flash drive and recover mistakenly deleted files or folders of Pen drive to restore.
  3. Formatted Partition Recovery Mode : Retrieve your crucial data from those pen drives which you have formatted due to corruption cause via this mode.
  1. After selecting "Normal Data" mode, software will start scanning USB drive. You can see the recovery process.

    scanning of pen drive

  2. After that software will displayed a windows displayed details like: selected drive, total occupied size, recovered folders, recovered files, bytes read. Click on "Search" to proceed.

    drive details

  3. You can find particular file with exact file, size, type, creation date and modification date by using "Search box".

    search particular file

    Note: To recover only deleted files and folders, check on "Include Deleted Files only" option.

  4. Once the recovery procedure get completed, tool will show the entire preview of recovered files and folders. Select file » Right click » Choose "Preview Selected File(s)" to see specific file info.

    preview & extract selected file

    Note: Apply "Extract Selected File(s)" to save.

  5. If you want to extract multiple recovered folders at a same time then, selected them » Right Click » Choose "Extract Selected Folder(s)" option.

    extract multiple files

  6. At the end, click on "Save" button to start extracting process » Browse desired location » Click "OK".


    Note: Click on "Make New Folder" button and save entire records on new folder.